High Performance Membrane System

Nord-Ultra is an extremely versatile 20 year system providing all the trademark qualities of a high performance SBS membrane, whilst incorporating all the technological benefits of our 50 years manufacturing knowledge.

  1. Deck (concrete deck for illustration purposes)
  2. Nord FD Bitumen Primer
  3. Isolvapor / Laminal/ Flexpol TRV 3Kg
  4. Nordtherm*
  5. Polyfor (Perforated / Venting Layer) where applicable**
  6. Flexpol TRV 3Kg Underlay**
  7. Nordgum 5000 Mineral Cap Sheet
* Or similar approved by Nord Bitumi Company (UK) Ltd. Technical Services
** Polyfor and Flexpol TRV 3Kg can be substituted with Nordvent SB (Thermally-adhered membrane with striped lower surface and sanded upper surface)