High Performance Membrane System

Nord Perma-Bond is a flexible system enabling Roofing Contractors to offer their clients competitively priced, and durable torch applied membranes for virtually all domestic, and commercial contracts where cost and quality are critical.
  1. Deck (concrete deck for illustration purposes)
  2. Nord FD Bitumen Primer
  3. Isolvapor / Laminal / Flexpol TRV 3KG
  4. Nordtherm *
  5. Polyfor (Perforated / Venting Layer) where applicable
  6. Nordgum VV 3KG Underlay**
  7. Nordgum 4500 Mineral Cap Sheet

* Or similar approved by Nord Bitumi Co UK Technical Services

** Substitute with Flexpol TRV 3KG Underlay for 20-year system warranty