High Performance Membrane System

Our Nord-Iter system (approved by the BBA) is one of our finest waterproofing systems utilising APP technology providing durable, robust and flexible membranes which can be used for all specification works including cold roof, warm roof, and inverted roof formats.
  1. Deck (concrete deck for illustration purposes)
  2. Nord FD Bitumen Primer
  3. Isolvapor / Laminal/ Flexpol TRV 3Kg
  4. Nordtherm*
  5. Polyfor (Perforated / Venting Layer) where applicable**
  6. Iter 15A 3mm (BBA) Underlay**
  7. Iter 17A Mineral 4500 (BBA) Cap sheet

* Or similar approved by Nord Bitumi Company (UK) Ltd. Technical Services
** Polyfor and Iter 15A can be substituted with Nordvent SB (Thermally -adhered membrane with striped lower surface and sanded upper surface)