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All systems are suitable for new-build projects and are compatible with most typical constructions to include timber, metal or concrete structural decks.

This versatile product range enables specifiers, contractors, local authorities, and building owners alike, to carry out fast effective waterproofing works onto a wide variety of existing substrates when the refurbishment of existing properties is required.

There is a system available to suit all waterproofing requirements and budgets.

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Roofing materials have undergone dramatic transformation to match the call for better performance, sustainability and longevity of buildings.

The specification market in the UK demands excellence and the development of better products. We have been well set to rise to these challenges through our introduction of new technologies which enables our technicians to develop advanced, proven, reliable and resilient waterproofing membranes. In fact, every year, Nord Bitumi manufactures over 30 million metres of fully-tested bituminous products.

Our dedicated team provides customers with a product range specifically designed for the UK, meeting your specifications, climate challenges and bringing the benefit of our worldwide experience to produce the right product every time.

Directly to site or to your premises, Nord Bitumi Company (UK)  delivers products that are certified, insured and fully covered against damage and defects. We are committed to supplying the highest quality waterproofing systems and first-rate service that you rely on.