A complete solution

Nord Bitumi waterproofing membranes have approvals issued from more than 20 international organisations proving that our products meet and exceed the highest quality standards around the world. In our laboratories, our product research and extensive testing enables us to develop additional innovative solutions to push the industry forward. Validation of Nord Bitumi by the BBA in the UK, BDA in Holland, and Bureau Veritas conformity in Italy confirms our achievement of International Standards.


Nord Bitumi Company (UK) provide the complete solution for your roofing needs combining different technologies from various sources. Bearing this in mind, our guarantee packages are designed to minimise potential disputes that can arise when manufacturers individual subcomponent guarantees are in operation. The subcomponents of a Nord Bitumi Company (UK) roofing system are selected very carefully, to fulfil the best design and achieve the best possible outcome.

Our guarantees - Installation by approved contractors


Nord Bitumi Company (UK) provide a 10 year material guarantee as standard.

Insurance backed guarantees

The following insurance backed guarantees can be provided up to the terms indicated subject to specifications being agreed by the Nord Bitumi Company (UK) Technical Services Department.


Nord Bitumi Company (UK) can provide a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.


Nord Bitumi Company (UK) can provide a 15 year insurance backed guarantee.


Nord Bitumi Company (UK) can provide a 20 year insurance backed guarantee. 

Systems with audit

For specific projects, Nord Bitumi Company (UK) work in partnership with specialist service providers and industry professionals to provide a full audit during the installation process.

Whilst many manufacturers may offer long-term material warranties, they do not provide a scheme where there is an option to include inspection or audit projects on a regular basis. This can be viewed by clients as a weakness in the guarantee, as most problems occurring with system installations are usually a direct result of poor workmanship, or poor understanding of the requirements needed to meet Building Regulations. Interaction of trades on-site has the biggest impact on roofing and failure; this can be reduced by auditing from an early stage. This is why Nord Bitumi Company (UK) offer an optional audited guarantee package. 

For all matters relating to system selection, material specifications, guarantee and audit packages, please refer to our technical services department by emailing or use the contact us facility on this website.